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Color split wedding, so you taste the modern sense of fashion taste
In the past the appearance of color wedding is just a beautiful occasion between blue wedding dress the accident, and now, color wedding re-definition of the traditional meaning of ivory white dress. Wedding dress more and more fashionable, the traditional Siamese style want to meet the bride are tall and thin demand is not easy, short paragraph with the waist skirt, gold ratio immediately came out. This shape also looks particularly youthful, modern fashion taste full. Today to share with you is a combination of these two popular trends in color split wedding.

Deep red wedding dress with unparalleled quality, Bohemia elegant crochet fan-shaped jacket, every point is the beautiful scenery.

When dreaming of a classic dress, the traditional white moment will appear, but the black and white with the eternal. This wedding elegant chic, for the bride 's wedding laid the tone.

This two-piece skirt and lace tights dress is full of the taste of autumn, with a soft berry tone chiffon skirt, bring out the bride bouquet of lavender, purple and plum color. Match the dark berries color lipstick to become the finishing touch.

beach wedding dress We liked the bride's playful style. A stacked pleated skirt has a fantastic style, coupled with lace navy blue suits, magenta bouquets and matching lips add another gemstone tone to get more color.

White lace and lavender dress is pure spring dream, with deep V collar, the effect is excellent. Red lace coat lace wedding dress with white skirt and red shoes, looks like this perfect, this is her inspiration for the whole wedding theme.

You do not need colorful wedding dress, a quarter of the lace sleeve, has a fan-shaped collar, making the clavicle becomes more soft, and smoke gray tulle skirt makes people look like a sense of princess.