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Can make your heart wedding, how much
The vast seaside, fresh flowers set off the romantic summer. And ultimately, a set of eye-catching, and can distribute the elegant atmosphere of the wedding, to drive the whole wedding, so that it is more sparking wedding.

Followed the 19th century Russian ballet style, with embroidery and lace-based, to the light gauze inlaid with a variety of crystal feathers and beads and other decorative in the complex plus the wrong grid, a series of wedding sexy, elegant balance A sense of Best to create a complex taste of the wedding is not her home ah!

An irresistible French retro style, but also with a lace decoration and simple and generous line design, the wedding of low-key luxury show the flexibility of Yu. This kind of French light retro style, straightforward and not complicated.

prom dresses For the girl's dream, the use of all-antique lace to create pure and elegant wedding, filling the female's sexy and noble beauty. But also the use of a large number of printing, three-dimensional flower design, beads and other delicate embroidery, in the laminated gauze on the emergence of looming beauty, put it into a change is a flower fairy.

With a perfect wedding, to create a lifetime of the most memorable wedding is the dream of every girl. Irregular Western-style retro elements plus a lot of avant-garde modern fashion, but also retain the classical style. A bit more retro style, is also great! How many sets of read, you heart it? The designer's work is always prom dresses full of luxury, gorgeous, solemn and elegant fashion sense, very suitable for the bride in the luxury hotel, high-end restaurants and churches in this day on a large place on the wedding dress.

With the increasingly popular Chinese clothing, many people began to wear Han Chinese travel, there are people who began to wear wedding dresses.

But more of a Western shoot a set, the East shot a set, but with the Hanfu fire, more and more people choose Chinese dress instead of cheongsam. This is mainly because the time to change the dynasty, otherwise, it should be said that the Oriental wedding is more cultural connotation.

And where we live, although more and more modern, but there are still many places to maintain the former flavor, so the wedding dress is also very suitable. All in all, evening dresses with the popularity of the Chinese clothing, I believe there will be more and more people choose Chinese clothing wedding.