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Bride fashion about wedding dress style classification and its suitable for the crowd
Wedding dress of the ever-changing, style is also rich and varied, new people have a larger selection of wedding space. So, how to choose wedding style? Come take a look at what I recommend for the bride wedding style classification it

Bride wedding style categories are: A-type wedding, straight wedding, Qi wedding, small tail wedding, big tail wedding, Peng Peng skirt wedding dress, wedding dress, sling wedding dress, Bra wedding, plain wedding, Glasses embroidered wedding, bubble sleeves wedding, princess wedding, close-fitting wedding, high waist line wedding, how can we in this many wedding styles to choose their own that section, the following look at the classic several Wedding style.

One, Peng skirt type

This traditional style of the wedding is characterized by fit upper body, tighten the waist and full of skirts. Waist petite dresses line can be just in the waist, you can also slightly lower, or even placed close to the hip position. This style of wedding dress are equipped with stereotypes with the petticoat.

suitable for:

Hourglass or maxi dresses plump bride. Choose long-sleeved style or V-shaped waist, the effect will be better.

Chest full of bride.

Not suitable:

Petite exquisite bride, too wide skirt will make you look smaller. Upper body slim, lower body full of bride.

Second, close type

bridesmaid dresses This section of the wedding is very simple, according to the body curve close tailored narrow pendulum fit design, no petticoats. Mostly made of silk georgette, crepe and other fabrics with excellent sagging feeling. Personal wedding style can be said that all the wedding style, the most prominent body beauty and the most modern style of cutting. In the knee or slightly lower skirt puff-like wedding dress is the most common deformation of this wedding version.

suitable for:

Slender bride, can be a good show of charming body curve. Petite little plus size dresses bride.

Not suitable:

Lower body than the upper body full of many brides. Do not want too much to show the body curve of the bride.