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Beautiful dress but rarely wear? This ten daily, was temperament, pink wedding dress out of the street, banquet Queen Fan, long face
2017 new dress

This series has a dozen models, are very Xianqi, and the price is very cheap, take pictures, parties, annual meetings, ceremonies, daily wear is very appropriate, will not seem exaggerated, you can do bridesmaid clothes Oh.

Party party dress

This daily dress is usually wearing a little pressure did not wear it to any important occasion will not feel LOW, is a very popular emergency skirt.

Lace dress

plus size dresses This lace dress has five colors, but Xiao Bian or the most like the dark green, it is Western style taste, waist semi-permeable design, a little bit of small sexy, body lace looks feminine full.

Lace V neck dress

This skirt has long section and long section, short section, long section only black, medium and short section with black, champagne, the outer layer is lace, the inner layer is Peng yarn, mysterious sexy temperament.

Was white dress thin V-party banquet evening dress

This dress is quite heavy, the outer layer is full of three-dimensional flowers, collar a little small V, appears to have intellectual content, waist is very good, Ting Ting's hem is the whole people are graceful up.

A short banquet

This dress will look at the delicate texture, very atmospheric display grade, upper body simple word shoulder, lower body stereo compact skirt, like a bag to be put in the bud, very beautiful, it has red , Pink two colors, usually wear the atmosphere, wedding to do toast service festive, there are face.

Elegant princess skirt

This dress has plus size wedding dress a short section, long section, there are several colors, beautiful yarn decorated with flowers and Phoenix, the atmosphere noble and Xianqi, do wedding dress, bridesmaid clothes, banquet clothes, daily wear are very beautiful.

Moderator small dress female

This piece of clothes work is really very good, three-dimensional cut looks very crisp type, upper body tight package lower body, embossed folds, like a flower bones, very obvious thin temperament, version of the classic is not an exaggeration, usually wear a beautiful street Extremely.

High waist short paragraph lace small dress

This dress Tongshen lace, work is very complex and noble, the main part with a lining, do not worry about emptying, usually wear out the street to keep the rate must be high.

Long and short dress

This dress has four colors, upper body design elegant, sexy, lower body before the long stretch of long yarn, showing slender legs, easy to walk, from the back and see the atmosphere.