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Banquet dress so wear, gather the audience eyes, even the boss are boast to see yo
Banquet sling evening dress

Design sense of a single product, the back of the design of a very exclusive sense of the fabric is acetic acid crepe, after high temperature treatment, so there is a good sag, the fabric is not easy to wrinkle and so on.

Small V-neck design more modified face, revealing the beautiful clavicle, back with a cross strap in the form of the United States and the United States you are not afraid to show it ~

Banquet evening dress fish tail dress

Curve charm, quality style. From the bones to reveal the temperament of the mermaid, stunning, from the beginning to wear! You can hold the floor of the dress!

Gather all the long European details, fantastic subtle perspective interpretation, hazy in the atmosphere. Pure artistic conception, a word intoxicated temptation. The beauty of the United States highlights the bright spot, mercurally distributed sexy. Romantic and gorgeous, people at first sight!

Sling was thin evening dress

Style of the small harness, simple deep V sexy design, natural drape of the fold Qinglian elegant Smart action line, walking swaying skirt enough to show the leg and body proportions.

So cleverly sketched out the female exquisite body curve, so that the painting in a quiet and comfortable, sweet and playful beautiful time and contemporary women elegant sexy and rational romantic features to show.

Noble and elegant bridesmaid dress

Classic Bra design, elegant and natural curve, revealing the beautiful neck, modified breast type, inadvertently distributed women's soft charm.

Fine three-dimensional waist cut, the pursuit of aesthetic and quality of passion, outline the waist line cocktail dresses curvature, shape slim waist.

Evening dress wedding toast service

Petals lightly, Ying Yao bright color of the sea, light and shadow between the youthful atmosphere and innocence embraced into the funny beauty of the visual, like a beautiful youth exudes fragrance taste, pink ripples of the dream, so that flowers in the romantic choreographer.

Stacked dipped in blue flower embroidery derived charming waist, ethereal wit yarn fine exquisite folds, to create a phantom sexy proud figure, a diarrhea and under the ho yarn skirt, holy immortal immortal beauty, with a touch of soft, allure refined temperament four Overflow blush, the beauty of grace, shock as the gas field.

Small fresh dress

Exquisite primaries, bright qualities! Lead the trend of the curve, cheap wedding dress kneading in the end! European elegant aristocratic collar style, along with the version of the design, selection criteria, embroidery process, the beauty of the abstract concept into reality.

pink wedding dress Clear and hazy Yuhao white gauze, fine cut flower embroidery slowly spread into a fine pattern, such as engraved in the time of the imprint, the integrity of the thousands of fine style of the United States, bright and beautiful art of illusion, static and dynamic are glittering Do the fairy fans!