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Autumn and winter wedding trend every one is beautiful!
Intimate wedding preparation period, wedding trends running very fast, the major brands far ahead of a year, has long been launched 2017 autumn and winter white gauze, dreamlike, style, formal dresses in the bride's dream, brewing a gentle revolution.

formal dresses Beautiful goddess

Floating, is the goddess of the focus of the wedding, to straight body cut mostly multi-level yarn in the skirt overlap each other, while the goddess wedding also into the romantic shoulder, a lot of lotus leaf and other popular fashion trends, so autumn and winter common elegant version Long sleeves, if you do not like the wedding itself dragging its feet, and want to enjoy the goddess demeanor, then come to this season, high-profile long cloak, played absolutely full of cents, take off the cloak and can have another style.


"Less Is More" design industry for a long time without change the truth, because there is no decentralized visual decoration, tailoring, contours, material is more important in all types of wedding the most fashionable style, it is worth noting that this season popular Double material mix and match, such as clear white gauze with thick taffeta satin, dedicated to those in a white gauze do not know where to choose the bride, simple white yarn never wrong.

Simple veil

The first prize finishing, it is best not to grab the wedding style, especially autumn and winter to encourage the bride with large earrings, headdress decorating, then the veil even more simple.

Bow tie

Very girl's bow back to the stage, cheap wedding dress soft and romantic appearance has been eliminated, but with a simple outline to boldly tied bold decoration in the waist, behind, shoulder, become the main focus, the girl with a handsome taste.

Pay tribute to the classic

The classic does not fall, this season is very interesting white yarn at the same time to the 50, 60 years of the classic goddess to pay tribute, Audrey Hepburn's favorite cut, straight dress, as well as Monaco Princess Marie Curie's classic wedding Also prom dresses has a revision engraved.

Shiny bright

Rhinestones, metal decoration can create shiny, autumn and winter have a variety of styles with the girls to choose, the most traditional course, or gorgeous white gauze, but the use of diarrhea or discretionary use of geometric rules, to avoid the rustic atmosphere, Shiny also can retain the personality, but also a bold point in the white gauze plus metal chain, to those who have a hardcore to send the heart of the bride.