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A blue evening dress attracts the audience's attention and quickly has a piece of it
casual dresses Little evening dress 2017 new party dress

When you are dressed short wedding dress up, you must choose the best combination of theme colors and fashion colors. If it is too late to choose a unique style of dress, then just buy petite dresses a simple style can not be simple - black, open collar, sleeveless, simple and subtle, will never fall behind.

Then use the fine details to make eye contact. Exquisite fringed embroidered shawls add height to the leather slippers to express the old-fashioned ladylike style; pink suede rose handbags and coral necklaces add to the romance.

Banquet evening dress dress

The beautiful evening dresses, of course, the perfect hair style, generally suitable for evening dress with the hairstyle is mainly divided into elegant dish hair, refreshing short hair, elegant retro, air sense fluffy, four kinds of legal system

More high-heeled sandals or high-heeled shoes that are highly decorative and suitable for dresses, if the toes are exposed, have to be modified in synchrony with the makeup of the face and hands.

Bridesmaid dress small dress

Dress suits refuse a single dress: they must be bright and colorful in color, and novel and unique in their decoration. Ruffled leaves, lace, beads, and a continuous but changeable flower shape, the party is elegant and stylish.

Wearing a silk dress, not wearing cotton shorts. In addition to the artistic atmosphere, there is another reason: the reflection of silk by the silk fibers is the most reasonable, and the effect of music can be more mellow.

Summer 2017 Evening Dress

Petite and exquisite - suitable for high waist, gauze, waist discount dress to modify the proportion of body. Should be a little fat people wear evening dress far worse A little fat people wear evening dress far worse Amount to avoid lower body skirt too fluffy, skirt can not be lower than below the knee

The rotator cuff evening dresses design should also avoid excessive exaggeration; the upper body can be changed more, and the waist line is recommended to use the V-shaped low-waist design to increase the sense of slenderness.