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  • Sexy long-tailed wedding dress, dragging the full happiness into the dream of the wedding hall
    2017 new tube top Qi wedding dress

    Romantic and luxurious puffy skirt, sweet suspenders tube top, outline a sexy full chest, do the best female feminine movement, enhance the noble temperament, like a noble princess.

    High-quality chiffon, breathable and refreshing, it can highlight the classic style of female charm, showing the beauty of the shoulders and clavicle, revealing a charming sexy simplicity.

    New Bra Dream Flower Wedding Dress

    Thousands of handmade three-dimensional flowers, lifelike, beautiful, have style. The use of exclusive new technology can play a role in breast augmentation, slimming, and self-cultivation, and it also shows women's graceful posture.

    Retro beautiful flower waist design, in the show your graceful waist, but also enhance your elegant retro sweet temperament! Ingenious flower designs show your noble elegance.

    2017 Bra Long Trailing Dream Wedding Dress

    Traditional lace tube tops, classic chiffon skirts, cleverly combined vintage and modern elements, hand-tied band design is also a finishing touch for the entire wedding dress design.

    Exquisite lace fabric, breathable and refreshing, comfortable skin-friendly, low-key luxury content, more women's graceful. Tube top design, naturally revealing smooth romantic gorgeous yet sexy.

    2017 new style long tail wedding dress

    Lace-on-shoulder bra is more able to embody bountiful breast curves and outlines a charming romantic atmosphere. Delicate waist folds, beautiful retro, women's charming little waistline.

    2017 new style long tail evening dresses wedding dress

    purple wedding dress Adjustable straps long sleeve wedding dress can be adjusted according to the size of the body shape, elegant and stylish, slightly exposed on the back of the visual touch is very good, even more sexy, to create the world's most charming bride.

    2018-03-15 10:17:00
  • New Year's dress skirt, from today, be an exquisite woman
    Black temperament elegant dress belt waist tube top dress

    Girls, especially women in the workplace, must have a daily dress that matches their temperament. What is a dress skirt, that is, when there are events such as event gatherings, you can wear skirts that you can wear on a daily basis. The shape is not very exaggerated, but it is most appropriate to express a sense of grandeur and sensation.

    Sweet lotus leaf mini dress slim strapless sleeves tube top dress

    Ruffled bra top dress skirt, this version is very friendly for small girls. Take a pair of high heels and show high texture. The color of the bodice is very beautiful. Tube top skirts can be very good to take suit jackets, wearing a single clavicle is also beautiful.

    New yellow European and American temperament high waist was thin dress

    The lemon yellow temperament is a thin skirt. This strapless design is generous and looks good. Body version of the body was thin and temperament, the design of this Tutu skirt, thin meat is also very good, with, this gorgeous color of the temperament skirt, put on a pair of high heels, temperament highlight chic.

    Orange pink European and American women's half high collar strapless ruffled dress

    red dress A kind of high-grade pink is pink, this kind of elegant color, warm and comfortable, the most lining qualities. If the skin color is a little whiter, it will look very impressive, so it's also loved by the ladies. In design, this lotus formal dresses leaf bare shoulder, demonstrating aristocratic temperament.

    Wine red temperament inclined shoulder strapless ruffle dress dress

    Exquisite red, this word is very popular this year, burgundy is a very good party color, in the classic and dignified style, with this body's lotus leaf design oblique shoulder mini dress, the beautiful thin skirt with high heels, length just right . It's OK to wear a single coat or a small coat every day.

    Black word shoulder strap trumpet sleeves slit dress dress

    Black is a classic forever, and will never be outdated, black dresses, high-level display, long styles are very obvious. Off-shoulder design, girlish feeling, dreamy black swan dream, flashed the best expectations at this moment. It belongs to the beauty of natural beauty.

    Women's White Tempered Feather Mini Dress Off-Shoulder Tube Top Dress

    The stylish white fringe dress, evening dresses classic strapless design, between the level, the wind to dance slightly, white swan, classic waltz, like the dream of sleeping beauty. The sleeve sleeve design has aristocratic flower girl dresses characteristics, and it leaps between real and aesthetic.

    2018-03-13 10:05:41
  • The wedding season is coming, wedding dresses are prepared, bra models, one shoulder, long tail yarn
    2017 new thin wedding dress

    flower girl dresses 2017 new thin shoulder lace long-sleeved Qi wedding dress, large size long trailing custom slimming slim lace word shoulder wedding, white wedding dress is a Western wedding, and now many people are also like to wear a white wedding dress, the price Beautiful, worth starting

    The new pregnant women trail large size wedding dresses, showing white collarbone collarbone, glittering pearls, pearls and luxurious laces, double thin waists bowing and escaping, Yu Ting Yuli slender waist.

    Bride wedding wedding dress

    2017 new summer tube top small tail wedding dress, strengthen the thin line of the waist effect, cleverly received a small waist waist grip, concave and convex lines instantly appear. Increased three-dimensional and reveals an exquisite taste, fine tailoring, better highlight the light luxury temperament

    The fishtail is slim and luxurious. The imported soft lace reflects the dignified and quiet temperament. Elegant and unique connotation! Great trailing unique beauty ~

    2017 new style wedding dress

    2017 new spring bride trailing princess sweet long-sleeved wedding dress, elegant enough petite dresses to light the entire street, walking between the skirt with the footsteps shaking, the women's romantic and elegant presented in the visual, this ladies net embroidered princess Long skirts let passers-by turn back for you.

    Large yards pregnant women stand straight wedding dress, pure white silk no trace. Embellished lace lace, elegant chiffon sand skirt, delicate skin and women with a perfect marriage sand, faintly charming body. Marriage sand, like the petal lilies, indifferent, delicate, light and transparent fabrics, and embroidery, everything is so perfect and moving.

    Spring new collar long-sleeved wedding dress

    2017 spring new style collar retro princess Qi wedding dress, the bride's long tail wedding dress, can be modified on the arm of the small clam meat, elegant back design, delicate flowers, and the banding together constitute a stunning back, meticulous neat edge wrapping process , Put it on, make people eyes bright, never forget!

    Chinese retro collar collar design, Ming Dynasty charm full! With a unique lace pattern, it is like a jade Zen. Its unique design hides the casual dresses oriental classical charm of the women, exquisite shoulder bag, elegant elegance.

    2018-03-09 09:53:05
  • Fire mess "dress skirt", sexy awful, piercing the goddess van minutes minutes
    Heavy sequined embroidery Halter dress

    Heavy sequined embroidery sexy halter neck dress, trendy and elegant sleeveless design, elegant long section of the elegant clothes to make clothes dress more refreshing and comfortable, so that more elegant and elegant clothes to wear, elegant print highlights quality. Nightclub small incense with heavy sequin embroidery small sexy, halter waist sleeveless vest dress.

    Europe and the United States high-end printed silk dress, full of charm, Slim is very good-looking, evening dresses printing is also very generous, looked very comfortable, charming, silk fabric, wear a very show clothing taste.

    Mesh sequin embroidery harness dress

    Embroidered dress even more elegant and generous dress, very delicate to wear very atmospheric style, delicate atmosphere, fabric, soft and breathable, 360-degree thin version, low profile and yet elegant, showing the graceful posture of women.

    prom dresses The skirt is very elegant, so you wear a special comfortable, self-cultivation version, soft and delicate touch with rich texture, fresh femininity, unconventional, wear a distinctive own.

    Sleeveless shoulder strap sequined halter dress

    This sleeveless strapless shoulder sequins hanging neck dress, casual casual wear, sleeveless strapless design, delicate round neck, vibrant youth without losing the femininity, do not have a charm.

    This sleeveless strapless shoulder sequins hanging neck dress, waist design, sequins decoration, loose skirts, waist modification, the new design is not restrained, elegant and moving.

    Sequined elegant sleeveless dress

    Elegant sequined sleeveless dress, the overall flower girl dresses show a strong Bohemian style, light and supple walking between the upper body fresh and elegant, filling the dream of aestheticism. Vacation is still worried about what to wear girls do not have to worry about, your wardrobe only missing this dress.

    Elegant sequined sleeveless dress, suitable for summer wear, 灏芥樉 graceful soft temperament. Heavy sequins custom, delicate mechanism, chiffon fabric comfortable and lightweight, drape excellent. Lace round neck fashion cute, sleeveless lace and neckline complement each other. Lining smooth, will not be exposed, version is wearing and very reduced age.

    2018-03-07 09:47:55
  • What every woman wants to have is probably white wedding dress + high heels!
    Spring palace wedding bridal wedding dress word shoulder to cultivate summer

    Make you more temperament, highlights the perfect curve of the waist.

    petite dresses V-neck Korean version of the shoulder lace skirt wedding dress together

    Korean princess yarn, let you perform a unique charm, to show your elegant intellectual and fashion trends. Chic shoulders designed to highlight your sexy collarbone, let you be the red dress world's most beautiful bride.

    Wedding dress long trailing topless lace sleeveless

    A very delicate long tail wedding dress, chest with a stylish three-dimensional petal Tube Top, very stylish, hand-bow on the skirt, multi-layer design.

    Shoulder drill was a small tail wedding

    Hand-embroidered lace flowers, very fairy temperament, light gauze package shoulder three-dimensional cut, aesthetic elegance, dignified and elegant, feminine.

    Bride wedding wedding dress

    Sexy Bra design, upright posture, contraction side waist curve, waist effect is excellent, all seasons, dresses for women exquisite version, put it to make you even more fascinating.

    Elegant word shoulder luxury wedding dress

    Three-dimensional palace lace decoration, bow highlights noble nature and elegance, vivid and full of unique highlights, such a wedding who do not want?

    Trailing Tube Top wedding dress

    Traditional lace Bra, the classic tulle skirt, the retro and modern elements cleverly blend together, handmade straps design is the crowning touch of the wedding.

    New bride wedding dress

    Concise cut to send the sexy woman feminine warm out, waist cultivating a more prominent woman soft qualities, more than a clever and relaxed, let the fairy tale staged in reality.

    2018-03-05 10:05:11
  • One day, I was dressed in a white tail wedding, as your lifetime bride
    Luxury long tail word shoulder Korean was thin color

    A word shoulder tail, beautiful lines of the chest, return to the retro old time, slender waist design, the lines more 绐?绐? the classic European court dress elements, straps design easy, fluffy skirt, a typical princess dress, Pure dream, full of grand ceremony.

    V-neck Korean fashion feather wedding dress

    Feather decorated Tube top collar, charming chest line to show the soft temperament, originality cut, highlights the slim waist, dressed in white gauze bride, goddess, white gauze woven cloud-like feeling.

    Qi V-neck large tail satin wedding

    European style is always dignified in the cold, satin and chiffon silhouetted, embroidery and flowers intertwined, hollow out the wonderful design, always let you become the center of the wedding two eyes.

    Long sleeves Qi thin shoulders tail wedding

    Romantic, exquisite sense of burst white wedding formal dresses dress, classic Tube Top style, profile is very cute, the original version of the waist version, was wearing a thin, waist finish, the medieval palace retro back, adjustable elastic strap.

    V-neck pregnant women trailing large size simple

    Crafting, complicated flowering branches, the original aesthetic shoulders V-neck, elegant shape, rich romantic atmosphere yarn built-in chest cotton, effectively prevent the light, the selection of quality water soluble lace fabric, comfortable feel visual aesthetic, retro court atmosphere, within a certain range Adjust the elastic.

    Large trailing thin princess wedding dress

    Simple and modern futuristic style, tens of flower girl dresses millions of hand-made three-dimensional flowers double style, can play breast augmentation, was thin, self-cultivation effect, the use of imported materials, petals will not fall off.

    prom dresses Grand tail tailor luxury minimalist thin

    Sophisticated lace embroidery upper body, with a touch of elegance maxi dresses and luxury, making the bride revealed chest, showing a perfect body, simple Korean Slim design so that each bride is super thin, more fully reveal the bride graceful posture.

    Tail waist waist was thin Puff skirt

    The exclusive development of gold thread embroidery lace, the master 20 years of experience hand-made models, refined and moving, lace elements of lace, leaf pattern height imitation Ye Man natural growth of the soft gesture.

    2018-02-28 09:43:55
  • Sweet + handsome dress skirt, very attractive, exclusive glamorous beauty senior sense
    High waist was thin long sleeve V-neck suit dress

    Collarless design style, with a very straightforward temperament, coupled with a simple version of the model, just a double row of four black buttons, it is a good embellishment of fashion beauty, crossover large V-neck, let the sexy charm wanton flowing, Coupled with tassel hem, exquisite no complex

    Banquet small dress sexy ladies long-sleeved flounced

    flower girl dresses Delicate V-neck, a good highlight of the sexy women's romantic style, the shoulder lotus leaf, it is natural to the hem at the end, elegant and moving lined with temperament, Slim version, ingenuity in the waist with a hollow design, gestures Expose elegant charm

    Long speaker sleeve V-neck harness dress

    This evening dress has a very elegant taste, self-cultivation version, so slim waist curve beautiful, sexy shoulder strap models, with oblique design, with a touch of charm, with a cuff on the placket Row of small color buttons, fresh and beautiful non-square thing.

    High waist was thin A word skirt Puff sleeveless mesh velvet dress

    Transparent gauze is white neck skin, slender clavicle lines, even more charming style, high waist Slim version, upper body effect has the effect of elongated body proportions, easy to create a large leg of the visual effects, purple wedding dress plus Velvet on the velvet fabric, elegant and very stylish

    In the long section of long-sleeved speaker sleeveless shoulder dress

    Veil charming charming, this banquet skirt, stitching at the neckline crystal mesh, set off the white skin more sultry, stylish collar, a good show sexy ladies style, coupled with the sweet speaker sleeves Style, make this skirt more refined.

    Sleeve was thin long sleeve cuff strap suit dress

    Elegant POLO neckline, a kind of very sweet temperament, coupled with shoulder bead adornment, coexistence of cute and playful, the same cloth with a belt, gently evening dresses a bowknot skirt can be modified very graceful, with the lantern sleeves Arm, feminine style is so simple

    2018-02-26 09:52:06
  • Let this chic Chinese wedding dress, make your most important day beautiful
    Lifelike embroidery designs, the wedding day is best preserved, especially formal dresses the skirt is amazing color positive, and the bottom of the material is very soft, red overreach, show Wo clothing dragon and Phoenix gown is our traditional Chinese festive costumes, let No matter where you go to become the focus of much publicity, to enhance the bride's elegant temperament, this style does make the couple feel very casual dresses aesthetic atmosphere, has always been a lot of new people choose the wedding style, is an indispensable Chinese wedding bridal gown Pieces, is an indispensable Chinese bride wedding dress.

    Speaker sleeves, delicate embroidery, soft fabric, this style does make the couple feel very aesthetic atmosphere, this emphasis on wedding dress design is very beautiful, and now you are married like white wedding dress or Chinese-style dress yet.

    Choose a city is the oldest, China's love story is always so beautiful and romantic, met a white leader, gestures filled with elegance, stiletto collocation, festive red with luxury embroidery, more purple wedding dress aura.

    The new dragon and Phoenix gown Chinese wedding dress, wearing a retro necklace and red high heels, let you luster everywhere, but also exposed bracelets and other extravagant jewelry, to become the most shining people.

    plus size wedding dress Red on behalf of the celebration, highlighting the happiness, there is a strong Chinese style, gold is gorgeous and rich, with a combination of two colors to bring a strong visual impact, as the wedding dress of choice.

    Dragon coat as a classic Chinese wedding dress, gown skirt meaning symbol of children in groups, including Yongjie concentric, if coupled with a pair of dragon headdress and dragon and phoenix shoes will be more beautiful.

    This is a chic and delicate wedding process, the shape of complex and ever-changing, multi-material silk sewing, slightest lingering, seemingly simple, bright colors, complex work, lifelike.

    The wedding dress with a classic ornate shape, full of oriental charm, exquisite cuff design, coupled with exquisite embroidery, 3D three-dimensional cut, enough to make you stunning audience.

    2018-02-22 10:06:08
  • Aesthetic long lace wedding dress dress, superior temperament of the elegant bridesmaid
    Sexy shoulder bridesmaid dress

    Sister wedding, how could we have a handbag bouquet. In this big scene, the bridesmaid dress is also very particular. The following ten models bridesmaid dress for you to choose from, elegant and beautiful, we usually can wear the party.

    Elegant and elegant bridesmaid dress

    Fine little collar and sexy v-neck combination, rich layers. Bow waist belt, lace embellishment, simple yet stylish atmosphere atmosphere.

    Champagne sleeves bridesmaid dress

    Lace lace neckline, beautiful and elegant. Bow waist belt, delicate and beautiful. Pompon skirt put on significantly higher, highlights the feminine temperament.

    Festive red bridesmaid dress

    Eyelashes lace collar design, highlight the elegant. Romantic lace body, add more aesthetic. Waist version of the model, enjoy the perfect body blooming.

    Korean version of the neck hanging bridesmaid dress

    Hand-beaded round neck, showing oriental women hold restrained elegance. Halter straps, Slim waist cut, highlight the charming figure.

    Slim shoulders bridesmaid dress

    Semi-sheer light cage in the tube, highlighting the chest type. Elegant lace embroidery embellishment, three-dimensional bow belt decoration, to create exquisite graceful posture.

    Sleek, elegant bridesmaid dress

    red dress Transparent water soluble lace decoration, to show charming temperament. Straps design, size adjustment is very convenient. Lace waist, even more purple wedding dress slim posture.

    Champagne shoulder bridesmaid dress

    Beautiful transparent lace decoration, elegant and beautiful. Bra design, highlighting the chest type. Simple waist waist, to create slender waist, wearing superior temperament.

    Slim lace bridesmaid dress

    Exquisite tailoring, Slim was thin. High waist waist maxi dresses design, stretching the legs lines, build long legs, wearing elegant women enjoy the charm show.

    Sleek, elegant bridesmaid dress

    Slim cut, lightweight texture, elegant and elegant style to wear highlights. Elegant lace, romantic skirt, light luxury elegant, highlight the mature small fresh.

    2018-02-08 10:03:25
  • Want to be the focus of cheap wedding dress the annual meeting, you still have a dress dress
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